Duplicating Loads

 Shippers, Carriers, Drivers(Full/Limited)

 Apps: Web, iOS, Android App Version: 1.4.1


  • Steps to duplicate loads
  • Fields that Duplicate/Fields that do not duplicate
  • Field Descriptions

As a shipper, carrier or driver, I want to create multiple loads with the same base information. Instead of having to enter in a load one by one, Roger gives you the option to duplicate loads. This guide will walk through how to duplicate a load.

Duplicating Loads

Web Mobile

  1. First login to the Roger web command center
  2. Find the load that needs duplication. Duplication can be performed under any View (Schedule, Open, Submitted, Approved. Paid, or All)
  3. Select the green checkbox next to the load and then click the green Duplicate button. 
  4. A window will pop-up, enter the number of load copies and click the green Submit button. The duplicate loads will show up in the Schedule View, at the top of the loads list (unless there has been a sort or filter applied). 

A warning will be generated if a number greater than or equal to 500 is entered. 


  • If a shipper duplicates a load, it automatically goes to Schedule status. If a carrier or driver duplicates a load, it automatically goes to Open status.
  • Scheduled and Approved loads views are only for shippers
  • Paid Loads view is not visible to drivers  
  • Loads can be duplicated from any status

Fields That Duplicate

When a user duplicates a load, here are the fields that duplicate.

  • Shipper
  • Shipper Contact
  • Carrier Name
  • Driver
  • Carrier Reference #
  • # of Loads
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Rate
  • Rate UoM
  • Commodity

Fields That DO NOT Duplicate

These fields do not duplicate

  • Contains Images
  • Images
  • Ready to Submit
  • Driver Submitted
  • Load Date
  • Date Dispatched
  • Shipper Dispatched
  • Date Submitted
  • Net Origin Weight
  • Net Destination Weight
  • Weight (Loss)/Gain
  • Hours
  • Miles
  • Adjustments
  • Amount
  • Payment #
  • Carrier Notes
  • Return Message
  • Shipper Notes
  • Orig. Scale Ticket #
  • Dest. Scale Ticket #
  • Unload #
  • Load #
  • Invoice #
  • # of Images

Field Descriptions

Click below to see the definitions of the fields 

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