Editable Fields on Submitted Loads


  • Information/Fields that can be edited and changed for loads in Submitted status
  • Information that cannot be edited for loads in Submitted status

How it Works

Once a Carrier has completed their delivery, they can send the load back to you to Approve/For Payment. This load will appear in your Submitted tab.

As a shipper, you might have additional information that you would like to add or change.

For example, you might want to adjust how you pay the carrier. As a shipper, you would go to the associated load in your Web Interface and change the Rate UoM from Miles to Hours. Another example is you might want to add in a payment # for your records.

This guide will walk you through what information can be edited/changed and what cannot.

The following fields can be edited by the Shipper:

  • Shipper Contact:
  • Load Date
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Rate
  • Rate UoM
  • Status
  • Commodity
  • Net Origin Wt.
  • Net Destination Wt.
  • Hours
  • Miles
  • Adjustments
  • Payment #
  • Return Message
  • Shipper Notes
  • Internal Notes
  • Origin Scale Ticket #
  • Dest Scale Ticket #
  • Unload #
  • BOL #
  • PO #
  • Load #

The following fields cannot be edited as they are generated by the system:

  • Shipper Dispatched Indicator
  • Date Dispatched
  • Date Paid
  • Date Approved
  • Weight (Loss)/Gain
  • Amount
  • Carrier Notes
  • Invoice#
  • # of Images
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