Schedule multiple of the same load (# of Loads field)


Apps: Web App Version: 2.6



  • Using the # of Loads field to schedule multiple loads at the same time on the web interface

Schedule Multiple Loads

The Shipper would like to schedule 5 loads of Barley for next week. Roger makes this very easy to do. There is no need to click Add a New Load button 5 times!  This is where the # of Loads field comes in. This field helps Shippers schedule multiple loads at once. Steps are given below:

  1. Select the Add a New Load button and fill out the form to create a new loadmceclip1.png
  2. Fill out the load form and hit the Save buttonmceclip3.png
  3. Once saved, the load record will show up in the Schedule tab 
  4. Go the row of the load that was just created and find the column # of Loads.  Enter in a number here that represents the number of loads that need to be scheduled. mceclip4.png


What will happen now, is when the Shipper goes to dispatch, the load will break out into the number of loads that was specified and the # of Loads field will be cleared out for all replicated loads. These loads will now show up in the Open loads tab.

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