onRamp IQ - Insurance Compliance Status

 Shipper Admin and Compliance Admin

Apps: Web

App Version: 3.9


  • As a Shipper I want to check the compliant status of my Carriers through Roger IQ.  
    1. From your Roger Command Section select the Roger IQ .1.gif
    2. When Roger IQ opens, type in your Shipper or a specific Carrier name, then change the view to onRamp+ Dashboard to view your overall insurance verification status.2.gif
    3. Click "View Filter" to select & view the status of a single or multiple Carrier.3.gif
    4. Or select "Carrier Details" to view specific information on a single or multiple Carrier.6.gif


  • For this article only; Some of the information above is data masked.  You will be able to view all Carrier information based on your Roger Role.


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