Getting started with onRamp


Apps: Web, iOS, Android

App Version: 3.9


As a Carrier I want to set up my onRamp account for the first time.

Once you navigate to onRamp you will be greeted with a few tasks that your Shipper requires in order to verify your insurance and begin dispatching loads to you. 


  1. Request Carrier Training: is an optional live, one-on-one demo where a Roger Customer Success Agent will walk you through the Roger Platform. This normally takes about 30 minutes.
  2. Complete Carrier Profile: This tab will allow you to update all your personal information and set your account up correctly to ensure you have the correct insurance. This information is required in order to E-sign your W-9 and your shipper's Hauling Contract.Carrier_Profile.gif
  3. Upload or E-sign W-9: This is a required item and can be either Uploaded or E-signed. For further guidance, click here.  
  4. Hauling Contract: This tab will only appear after completing your Carrier Profile. For every new Shipper connection you create, you will need to sign a new Hauling Contract. For further guidance, click here.  



  • To connect with myCOI and load your Insurance, click on this link here.
  • Based on your carrier type, you may be required to provide worker's comp insurance. If you are a Sole-Proprietor or Single-Employee LLC, be sure to enter that in your company information.


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