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App Version: 3.9


  • Quick Review Loads

I would like to quick review the information on multiple loads. For example, I want to review 10 loads by quickly clicking through them and making any edits as I go.

Quick Review Loads

  1. In the Roger Command Center, find the Loads that need to be reviewed.
  2. Use the Green Checkbox to highlight the loads and select the Quick Review button on the top left of the screen. Note that you have to select more than one load for the Quick Review button to appear.                        mceclip0.png
  3. The first load will open in edit load screen. As you click Next, you will page through the loads you selected. mceclip1.png
  4. If you've made any changes, make sure to click Save. If you click Next without first clicking Save, any changes will not be saved.                                                                  


  • Clicking Next does not auto-save any changes you have made.
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